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  1. Hi,
    compare to 4-5 years back, i think the number of prop trading firms have declined a lot. A lot of big names have just disappeared. I have been trying to find names of some good prop firms to trade US equities all over the internet but hardly any luck. I check Elite trader every day, just to see if some one is naming a prop firm, but no luck. There are so many traders on elite trader but can some one suggest some good firms which accept NON - US clients?. Would be a great help. May be there are others looking and may find this thread informative.
  2. SMB
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  5. patrickrooney

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  6. Divento is only futures. No equities.
  7. All require US residents.
  8. Both are futures trading provider. No equities. And Earn2Trade is an education company. I know we all need education but after 9 years of trading i will pass their course. :)
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  9. SMB do not provide remote trading accounts.
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