Just buy dips on high volume

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  1. Looks like these are commonly turning points. I mean I guess you could try to wait for a trend to be established but I feel like that's not working.

    See the charts. Price goes down, and then it goes down, and then it goes down on some big ass volume spike and then it goes up.

    Seems like this is a good starting point for building a system.
  2. There it is - plain as day.

    Or are you yet another ET long only "trader"?
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  3. Gotta love the amazing ideas here
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  4. google "wyckoff volume spread analysis"

  5. Hahaha thanks for that, cool stories! Double down, baybe!!!!
  6. TLDR
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    i am always suspicious to bright fresh ideas that appears in trader's minds during the corrections, especially when support and resistant still work perfectly
  8. Isn't something being down on big volume supposed to be a bearish sign?
  9. I had this idea a while ago. It has nothing to do with what just happened.
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