cool stories from a proprietary trading firm

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  1. Which basically confirm how I thought proprietary businesses traded, by averaging into positions:

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  2. Additional
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  3. Some of those stories are weird/crazy/sloppy.

    You really have to be just a Master of One thing...Japanese traders CIS and BNF come to mind here.
    They only follow and trade the broad index on a daily, or overnight and/or a swing basis.

    If you can master the broad market, the big game, you got something powerful...that's not fleeting like a temporary strategy.
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    I wonder how many of them retained their edge through the years and what fraction of people is successful in day-trading manually today.
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    If you are a market maker or trade like one then of course you average. What makes a great market maker is recognizing when you might be in the middle of a multi-sigma event.
  6. Everything crypto or chinese is a multi signma event today
  7. Loved reading those stories keep em coming if you find more.
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    I traded with a former NYC prop shop trader who claimed to be a master. He has written two books . He had his trading students read his books as the training. His books read like grade school book reports. He didn’t follow his books rules in reality. He charged 6k to be a trader with him and I have to say he made the 6 k back ina short time once we got going . At first traded were profitable md he really seemed like a master. He never used stops, used his “levels” as entry/ exit points . He traded against the direction of the market and leveraged trades to the hilt . I went through many many maintenance calls with him nd often got forced to sell while waiting for his level to hit for an exit. After six months my account dwindled from 200 k to under 100. His response was “add more capital”. His worst pick was uvxy long as he expected the bull run of 17 to drop all summmer. What I learned: use stops. Dont allow more than 1% portfolio value loss on any trade which goes back to using stops. The quick and the dead day trade. Which one will you be? Move stops up to protect profits. Don’t put all your chips on one position. Or if you do either celebrate when you win or be prepared to look for something else to do if you don’t control losses with strict stop loss placement. Don’t chase a stock that’s too far out from a breakout. Penny stock breakouts are lightning fast and mostly followed by a 50% or more pullback and may.not ever retest the high of the breakout. If you missed the breakout don’t expect history to repeat itself the next day. Find another trade to take. Trade with the trend. If your account isn’t growing monthly then consider changing your method. Last I heard the master lost most of his traders . Bla bla bla - my 2 cents. No lies or bs. This is a true recent story
  9. Whenever mentor guru scum call it capital and not MONEY, you know you're dealing with a shark.

    Come to think of it, anyone calling themselves a mentor or guru is already a shark.

    We have quite a few here
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    Wait, what? You worked for him and he CHARGED you money? Am I missing something?

    I assume I made that list of sharks? :) On a serious note, anyone on the institutional side of the business eventually has to become a "mentor". After a certain point, you need to hire people and train them, otherwise you end up doing everything yourself.
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