Internship for a Trader Wannabe

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  1. I'm not sure when should I promote it and thus I do not talk about it unless someone asks for it. I hope that posting the link here would be OK.
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  2. Bugsy


    If you're looking for the best if ET advice I would start here. It's an accumulation of advice and gems gleaned from ET's userbase free of charge.
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    All good advice here. If I was in your shoes I'd fire questions to traders you admire and see where it takes you. A decade back I found an absolute gem of a trader who set me on the right path. It was light guidance rather than full on mentorship but worth its weight in gold. And if you compare that to some of the clowns on youtube I suspect you don't need what's offered freely and you won't get what's hidden from sight.
    Similarly, try a few meetups. Finding solid traders in retail crowds is needle in a haystack territory but I'd recco blagging your way into professional ones (Bloomie and Reuters regularly have events talking about x/y/z developments in different markets and regs etc). You're much more likely to strike gold there.
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  4. Many thanks, @trismes for your advice. It is very hard to find someone that will be willing to give guidance and at the same time have the same "trading style".
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  6. MACD


    So You Have a "trading style" ? ? ?
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  7. I have a trading style that I believe will suit me. Of course, I do not have a great experience. What I meant, and probably didn't use the correct words, is that, for example, one could scalp trade the forex market and be the best trader, but if, for some reason, I cannot or don't want to trade in such small timeframes, this particular asset, etc. It wouldn't be too much of a help for me. Of course, you may correct me if I am wrong.

    PS. I feel that I am getting "attacked" here and I guess that this is due to many people coming here trying to show off or trying to sell things and whatnot. I assure you I do not want or do anything else than make trading my full-time "job".
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    Understand @DimitriosOnline ---Unfortunately -- you no doubt are correct about the "attacks"

    However, your request and objective is not a foolish one. No matter what skill we wish to develop, it is usually best studied with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable individual who already has been successful. I have spent lots of time and money to improve my Golf Swing and so even in sports or hobbies your need is to mirror successful ideas correctly in all parts of our lives.

    Please do not get discouraged. Trading is really the best way to make a good living from home or for that matter anywhere we find an internet connection. Trading IS a Skill-set that can be understood and with adequate practice can be mastered and profited from.

    Beware, of course, of anyone trying to sell you a course or suggesting a membership chatroom.

    If you wish I will answer your questions on a PM here at Elite Trader -- and your efforts will eventually "pay-off" !
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  9. Many thanks, @MACD for your post. My answer to your first part is that I do understand that trading is a profession and like any other profession it requires practice, practice, and practice. I tried many things in my life so far and this profession is the one that I invested in the most. I will reach my target eventually. Many thanks for your post! I really appreciate this.
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    No Hello message. Look at your PM or ?
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