Inappropriate comments to a women

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    In fairness, she was the one who first mentioned sex. (Too late to revoke the like)
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  3. schweiz


    I don't understand why it would be a downward spiral as long as posters respect other people.

    There are already people on ET, from who we know they are male, that cannot post 1 sentence without insulting other people. So we have already a downward spiral. And apparently their behavior is accepted by Baron.

    Being a man, a woman or a transgender should make no difference at all. People have the right to stay as anonymous as possible. So men can post pretending they are women and vice versa.
    Only what they post matters, not which sex they are.
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    Correction: she mentioned she was NOT interested in sex.

    So telling she first mentioned sex is a misleading and inaccurate statement.
  5. monet


    My statement was accurate, she was the one who first mentioned sex. This is indisputable.

    She joked about not wanting sex, and the first reply she received was a joke about having sex.
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    This is really the issue: pretending or deceiving. Associating as a woman is different.

    The other type of misuse is a man, not intending to deceive, setting his profile image as a porn star or an attractive, young Thai woman, which is not only confusing, but also sleazy.
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    Well. We dont know if OP is male or female
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    Maybe the hookup section should be renamed meetup.
  10. destriero


    You're being trolled.

    Nobody in the history of Columbia has called the B-school, "Sterns"

    Either the lot of you are incels or you've got SAD. No (actual XX) woman comes on a trading meetup thread stating "(lol) not looking for sex."

    You losers jump on it like you're Sir Galahad. It's comical. Yeah, save "her" from herself.
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