Any Hedge Fund Analysts in NYC / Jersey area...?

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  1. I'm in school at present. Would like to meet some Financial Analysts working at Hedge funds to bounce some ideas off for building trading tools using publicly available SEC data...

    I can't stop thinking about my idea, and want to meet some people in the industry who can help validate it or give some feedback / technical analysis help.

    I hope I'm posting in right place, cos this is called "hookup" and I'm not looking for sex right now sorry lol

    Thank you,

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    You have to be very careful sharing this with anyone. Unique data sets are valuable but easy to copy. I suggest you do your own back testing and forward testing to validate your thesis.

    And as you can see, hook up might not have been the best choice.
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    Do persevere on this site, I have asked for the inappropriate comments to be deleted.
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    Her profile says, "NYU Sterns student ( Finance ) " My alma mater, +my daughter....
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    Plural? Possessive?

    It’s Stern.
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    Try this meetup group
    Check out The Thalesians on Meetup

    There may be others in ny.
  8. OMG, someone claims to be a female and suddenly a joke is not allowed anymore, multiple posts by several people got deleted. MeTo on ET, funny times we live in

    To add: someone who has to come to ET to ask this question and attends NYU seems to have serious contact and socialization issues. Stern offers online meetup resources, there are bulletin boards all around, finance ordiented student groups, professors and TAs who are connected and can help when being asked, Stern has a huge alumni database with tons of people working in finance
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  9. I don't quite get your post, careful with what? She asked a question to collaborate with someone. Can we safely assume that students smart enough to attend NYU should be aware that any information they share may be used by someone else? And I guess we can also safely assume that anyone working at hedge funds does not devulge confidential data either. What's the big deal?

  10. More trading tools for sheeple ,too many tools , systems....
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