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Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by ET180, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Over the past few days I have noticed considerable lag after typing in a ticker in the order entry window and hitting enter. It takes a while for IB to return with a list of matches for the given ticker. Everything else about TWS seems normal. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Yep.same here.even worse-when order submitted via API from my application-often(but not always) nothing happens. Like you never submit the order. Press second time-15seconds later -overfilled. Have to add that it was on paper account, but makes me really nervous. After seen this ,it looks like I have to modify my application (which a lot of programming and testing)and possibly build a new PC for trading. All of which not guarantee anything.
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    As for a ticker issue-it could be as much as 30seconds between time you punch it onto tws and list of securities to appear
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    Yeh, that's what I am seeing too. Sometimes I get a quick response, but usually it's a 10 - 30 second lag. I've been using TWS for more than a year and I have only observed this over the past few days.
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    There is more..realized PNL is not been reset overnight. I've been using TWS for allmost 20 years
    Seen a lot. nothing surprises me
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    I concur both live and paper (njfarm). Opened ticket and provided logs ....
  8. Yup...I've been experiencing the lag on TWS as well. I'll type in a ticker and hit Shift+Enter to go directly to the stock but nothing will happen...I'll smash that a couple times and nothing. Then I'll just hit ENTER and nothing, no drop down of securities options to select. Click away, click back, try again...nothing...then randomly it'll just "catch up" and flicker and work.

    And of course once I do select a stock the chart takes a whole to load
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  9. mskl


    same issue for me

    I still have not heard anything of note from IB on this issue. The only thing I was told today is that they still don't know how to fix the problem.

    This is very frustrating to the active trader who is requesting many symbols.

    Be careful. The delay can strike any time
  10. Thought it was just me, with my slow internet and even slower laptop... :banghead:

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