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    I have noticed that my TWS always gets slow at the end of the day. IB told me that I could increase memory usage by doing the following:


    I have increased the memory to 1200 MB and I still have issues. My computer has 32 GB of memory so there is no issue on my system.

    You can monitor your memory usage by clicking Help - About Trader Workstation. When I do this I notice that my usage constantly goes up during the day. Every time I bring up an option chain - the heap memory goes up. But when I close the option chain - the memory doesn't go back down. Is this a memory leak? or is this what should happen?

    The other solution IB offered was to use the 64 bit version but I can't because I use DDE links and this won't work with the 64 bit version. I could also shut down my TWS and bring it back up but then my DDE links will break.

    Has anyone else experienced these memory issues?

    Any idea if there is a way to clear memory cache without shutting down TWS?
  2. Java rarely releases memory back to the OS once claimed.

    There has been some movement towards releasing via the garbage collector, but it hasn't come very far.
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    My 64bit TWS memory heap is 353 of 759mb -- it's been open since 9:30 ET.

    The RAM consumption via Windows7/TaskManager/Processes is 1,247,404K -- about average for post6pm; at start-up it is around 909,000K, but too, it rarely gets above 1,247,000-ish. (If it hits 1,500,000mb, CPU consumption becomes ginormous. CPU consumption (TWS process) is barely notable right now.

    About once a week (or less), I have to do a restart because something caused a memory leak. My (Java-based) OpenOffice spreadsheet is 2.6 mb, as is my FireFox browser. So, "sometimes, they don't play well together...."

    I would definitely give the 64bit TWS a shot, and see if the leak is stopped up. Like my set-up, maybe your issue is Java-interactions, and going the 64-bit route wouldn't make a difference. You haven't mentioned your TWS version, but I have noticed that, regardless of what we might hear from IB (about TWS issues being backwards compatible), my own experience has been that while updates are not a cure-all, they certainly seem to clean up any misunderstandings between my TWS and the resident IB servers.

    I very much understand the desire to maintain a live-feed for your spreadsheet, but for myself, constructing a QuoteMonitor page as a data-set/repository allows me to File/Export/[to desktop]Export_Page_Content to a .csv file which is quickly copied into my spreadsheet.

    No cures in there, but maybe some ideas.......
  4. If you want to torture yourself, you can use Active X instead of DDE , which I believe works with 64 bit.
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    Yeah I get that every time I start up as well... but it doesn't matter. It's still working...

    Although I just use activex... so I don't know about other stuff... I just know it works. The message is annoying, but that's all...
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    activex is different. I will look to upgrade to activeX.

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    Okay. I found activex and standard DDE versions work quite similar. I'm not using activex the way it's supposed to I think, more like I did with DDE. Running macros that connect to their excel file...

    So, the switch isn't much of a problem. Good luck!
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    I don't have this issue.

    But I notice sometime between end Asian / Early europe session, I will get disconnect problem almost every day.
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