I need help in finding a trading educator

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  1. I saw this advertisement for a trading educator and would like a criteria and set of rules on how to interview this type of character and avoid hiring this type of person.

    i am not looking to hire an educator for business , but personal coaching and training.I KNOW i will get hounded after this post, so let the hounds loose

    trading education required
    To sell trading education on forums and internet , by lying about skills ,applicant must be able to sell rope for money , lie in the same sentence as well as attacking learners and shutting them up with impressive ,intelligent and convincing but dumb trading arguments.Applicant must have good selling skills.

    Good presentation skills and able to talk with charm , to sell useless knowledge/education of a failed trader to unsuspecting new traders .He must be able to sell himself , as a highly intelligent and skilled professional trader , and be able to enhance his image with impressive words like complex analysis , super advance technical analysis , complex advanced price action (even he himself may not know these ) and professional analysis.He must be assertive and believe he posses all these skills , he must lie to himself that he posses these skills , and in turn convincingly lie to attendees.

    He must pretend to know it all and have super confidence in his skills , despite having no real trading skills.Theoretical knowledge of price action , technical analysis , gann theories and elliot waves important , but more important than these skills is the ability to sell these useless analysis and knowledge of failures, in an assertive manner.

    He must be able to bullshit his way in trading seminars despite a lack of professional level skills , without attendees suspecting and attendees must by shut up with snap defensive responses , if they derail seminar incomes.

    He must have quick defenses against being caught ,and be able to present worthless information as some genius , some genius who knows better. He must be able to lie and convince others , he is a better trader and a professional trader.

    Please write why applicant is suitable and competent at this job , with evidence of the required skills of selling , communication skills , technical anylysis , price action , elliot waves and Gann theories.

    Real trading skills are not required , but an ability to pretend and lie to oneself are more important ,Applicant must create an image of a professional with the ability to process 18 charts at the same time , as per attachment.

    The applicant must be able to make all sorts of impressive claims like I know everything , I know it all and I can teach you more advanced stuff than you will ever know.It is the ability to hide non existent skills which is more important , than an ability to trade .

    Applicant must be able to sell delusional dialysis , and be assertive that it is the holy grail.He must be able to process 18 charts at the same time or at least put on a show , or create a deluded image in one's mind that he posses such skills of a professional standard and be assertive .

    Applicant must be forex trader with experience of using advanced charting and technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis in strategies. Must pretend to know how to trade long-term as well as daily shorter term strategies and incorporate Elliott wave, candlestick analysis, sentiment as well as many other technical strategies.None of these strategies have to be profitable , but the confidence and assertiveness in their delusional success are important.

    Only Liars are selected , people who can lie " I am a professional trader" and looking for $200 a week job.This is called lying in the same sentence.
  2. but I thought you were an expert of some sort? confused o_O
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  3. position management and options hedging, I can give you the formula you require in excel within a day.
  4. Actually... It's in accordance with his username which is explicitly signaling his intention : To make deals with Trading Education Sellers.

    However I have not read your OP. Too long for my tastes ... Especially that I am not the kind of counter party you're looking for.

    Good Luck.
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    Here we go again!! :D :confused:
  6. I am looking for a educator/trainer with an edge , 0ne who can pass me this edge and train me mentally for upto 10k

    but I am trying hard to avoid narcissistic snake oil educators

    The narcissistic personality trait describes trading EDUCATOR individuals that believe they are special (SUPERIOR TO TRADERS), have a sense of entitlement (FEE FOR SNAKE OIL), require excessive admiration (REGULAR COMPLIMENTS), lack empathy (DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE TRADER OR THEIR SUCCESS), are interpersonally exploitive (WILL PLAY A GAME TO WIN AT ANY COST IN DISCUSSIONS), and are arrogant and haughty. As defined by one of its most frequently used measures, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory:

    They are arrogant and haughty

    1. Exploitivenss/Entitlement: The belief that one is adept at manipulating people and is entitled to do so

    2. Leadership/Authority: The belief that one possesses an extraordinary ability to influence others (forum moderators)in positions of leadership and authority

    3. Superiority/Arrogance: The belief that one is just better than others and is a born leader

    4. Self-absorption/Self-admiration: An elevated sense of vanity and the belief that one is special.All posts on his threads/posts and claims , never loses

    Based on their findings, here are seven things you should expect to see from a narcissistic educator:

    1. Narcissists trading educators are likely to also be extraverted and agreeable, but unlikely to be open to experience, conscientious, and emotionally stable.You will notice emotional responsesand behaviour during losses /losing displays

    2. Narcissists trading educator may be detrimental in team contexts that require cooperation and a positive climate. Because they are interpersonally abrasive and dismissive, narcissists dont make good team players for learners /trainees

    3. Narcissists trading educator may breed competitiveness and distrust among other colleagues because grandoise of self-importance and belief that they are an extraordinary performer as a trader

    4. Narcissists trading educator may be very problematic in any rating system where they are required to provide a self-rating. You can expect the narcissist?s self-rating to be even more inflated than the self-ratings of other employees.This leads to blown journal accounts

    5. A narcissist trading educator that is forced to admit he or she has not performed well may disparage those who outperform him or her.

    6. A narcissist trading educator that receives an unfavorable evaluation can be expected to disparage the unfavorable evaluate and possible even become aggressive.He will influence moderators to ban trainee who complains

    7. A narcissist trading educator may be detrimental in jobs where a realistic conception of one?s talents and abilities are critical.

    Avoid hiring a narcissist educator if possible.?narcissists and psychopaths they are all talk during trading .no trousers
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  7. PSYCHOLOGY is more important in trading , than technical analyses , set ups , trends etc. Without a mental edge , all the above are worth zero including snake oil price action education , this too is worthless .

    So trading educator must show a method which reduces the negative edge of the human mind and provide a mental edge
    Trading with emotional intelligence than emotionless
  8. Here is a way to test , why mindsets and mental states dictate the failure of technical analyses, price action snake oil , trend trading and trend losses and chop outs.

    If traders were given the above price action , trend trading ,chop outs and fundamental analysis , if the they were in the following emotional states , what would be the end results of the analyses?

  9. The mentor will provide a profitable set and forget strategy or education.

    set? the trade up and then ?forget? about it for a period of time. This has two major benefits: it makes it far easier to stay emotionally disciplined and it also allows you to go about your life as you normally would, because you will not be spending hours in front of your computer over-analyzing the markets?

    Humans are not wired to trade , there are hundreds of phsychological shortcomings in the human mind , to be able to trade successfully . The educator will provide a mechanical system that does not require sitting infront of a screen constantly .

    The mechanical system may be using futures and options.
  10. The mentor /educator must be a succesful profitable trader , one who has a bit of time to coach and train.Those who are not yet successful , are not qualified , becuse they are amateurs and do not know what real success is.They have not passed the through the 95 % of traders statistics and have shortcomings.Their little knowledge is dangerous

    I need to follow a profitable options /futures trader , watching him live on live accounts .
    Most option books writers are geeks from mathematical backgrounds and are good writers , they are good at what they do ....writing .Most are trading failures

    Watching a skilled profitable trader live will inspire and lift me to their levels , they will give you the motivation and desire to win and suceed like them.They give a good start

    What am I going to learn from failures or unsuucesful traders ?You learn to become failures like them and hand over your money for nothing.I am looking for a succesful trader/mentor

    are you going to learn from michael jordan or some COACH who COACHES but has never been there or understands how to do it?
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