I believe the era of mass consumption is over. The world will change now

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    I believe this has been such a shock to the world its changed everyone's perspective of whats important . I believe we'll be entering a long age of less debt and less consumption .Who's going to go cruising? People will fly less. People will travel abroad less . Just a very small change in consumption will have a huge affect on co's. Going forward the valuation of the mkt's will be less. We didn't learn our lessons in 2000 or 2008. But we'll learn it now. The gov't will be choking on debt now and we could be entering a Japan type situation of almost no growth . We continued to party like it was 1999 for the last 11 yrs . Reality will be a hard pill to swallow.
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    What do you believe could be some opportunities this would spawn?
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  4. welcome to the underworld
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    Why now?! Because the world has a flu?

    The lessons are simple: Borrow, spend, open businesses, buy stocks/properties. Once economy sneezes, Politicians come to the rescue to "save" workers, retirees, homeowners, and companies at any cost. This is pretty much expected now. Preserve confidence in the system. Start printing dollars and exchange paper for imported tangible goods.

    We will come out of this stronger than ever. USA will never be Japan, not in it's nature. Don't worry, be happy.
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    I disagree. Time will tell who's right. This isn't about a flu. The virus happened to be the catalyst to expose 11 yrs of greed and a borrowing binge. Now it unwinds .
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    Have you been around 2000 and 2008? Not even close.
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    I've been trading full time every day of every minute since 1989
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    Much respect to you, sir. I don't think we had "irrational exuberance" in any asset except Bitcoin, just my opinion. I can tell you that my family's consumption will not be affected, and I am middle class.
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    How do you suppose you value a fiat currency? What about after the next 10 years of QE infinity? How much is the currency worth from a country who consumes more than it puts out?

    A quote from Jefferson is in order:

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