I am looking for forex broker recommendations

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  1. Hi everyone can I get some broker recommendations please Best for scalping And best overall: Would:. U.K. based. really appreciate some advice as i don’t have any friends who trade to seek advice from thanks in advance.
  2. www.vtmtrade.com
    they are asic but you can get 500:1
    UK broker only 30:1 unless your a pro. Tickmill decent in UK
  3. Onra


  4. ZBZB


    Scalp the CME futures. Broker cannot screw you then.
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  5. Oghmaron


    He works well as a broker who is really in a good rating and has positive emotions.
  6. maiimli


    Fxview is a good one for UK.
  7. i always prefer fpa where the real traders express their views about the platform that they are have been using.
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    Despite the fact that you can be given the best recommendations, you should make the decision to your preference.
  9. You can checkout Fxview for tight spreads and low commission structure. IC markets is also a nice broker. These both are my go-tos
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    Icmarkets is by far the best broker - you can also receive free access to selectedalpha.com scanners if you open a live account through them....nice bonus for a new trader....
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