Which is best forex trading platform for scalping?

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  1. Need your advice low scalping broker, suggest me the best one.
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    I once used FPMarkets.
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    No advice can be given here. You must try and find it yourself. All traders have different requirements for brokers.
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    You can try Hotforex, Tickmill FxPro what I like about them is low latency of order execution when you use VPS.
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    You need to figure out by yourself as it varies based on your trading style and risk appetite basically
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    Offshore brokers are the best for scalping due to their trading conditions. Conditions you need for this are very low spreads, fast orders and little or no slippage. I think you should use Tenkofx, it is the only broker that comes to mind on this and I currently use it.
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  8. Many Forex traders use our Co-located New York trading servers. For example with Oanda you'll get 1-2ms ultra low latency with our NY servers.

    If you're trading FX futures such as 6E, then you'll benefit with our Chicago servers instead for the same ultra low latency.

    You can run multiple copies of MT4/5 (or any other trading software) on the trading servers and never have to worry about poor internet connection.

  9. Since I'm a beginner in scalping, I decided to trade using the MT4 platform with my broker FP Markets because the MT4 is simpler to use compared to the other platforms.
  10. I am also always using the MT4 platform, but I choose FXOpen, as my own experience its suits scalping, with low spread and fast instant execution trades.
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