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  1. I am looking for a bit of guidance. In the opinion of all of you highly experienced traders, what is the best way to get started in terms of:

    1) what books to read??
    2) what video home study courses are worth while??
    3) Is it necessary to get professional tutoring??
    4) what markets should I consider trading??
    5) what platform should I consider??

    Your help is greatly appreciated. I am flying totally blind, but I am willing to put the time, $ and effort into doing this properly. I am very serious about becoming a successful (albeit part time) trader. Thanks again for any help.+
  2. Look for a discount broker... IB, Scottrade, MB trading, are a few brokers to look at. I personaly use Scottrade, and am happy, but their charts screw up sometimes on their basic service.


    1. Technical analysis of the financial markets

    - this book is about 90.00, and is considered the 'bible' by many traders when it comes to Technical analysis

    2. Japanese Candlestick Charting - Second Edition

    - this book is boring to read, but if you use candle sticks, its a nice reference to have. this will cost about 100.00

    3. Trading in the zone

    - this book will help you with learning disipline..kinda repetative, but good.. about 30.00

    4. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Daytrading Like a Pro, 2nd Edition

    - This is a good introduction book... i really like it...its about 15.00

    5. Come into my trading room

    - talks about money management skills, triple screen technique, and different forms of trading... about 50.00


    This is just my opinion, but stocks are the best place to start simply because there is so much info out there on the subject. Mant here trade futures too... but if you cant trade stocks, futures will just be a faster way to lose money, lol.
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  8. Once you decide on which markets join a good chat room for that market, some free, some for a fee and watch the successful traders trade.

    Good luck
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