How to start trading in stock market?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie to this forum.I am here because i want to start trading in stock market.But as i am new to this field i have less amount of knowledge about this.Can anyone suggest me about how to start trading.Any help is being appreciated.
  2. First point is money management.

    Choose a certain amount of money, let's say maybe $100 dollars. Hop in your car, roll down your window, and take a short drive, take a few deep breaths, play some favorite music, then toss the $100 dollars out the window. Think about how you feel after doing this.
  3. Put $5-$10k at a halfway decent prop shop and plan to loose it all. Go through a decent training/mentor program at the shop and by the time you blow out your first account you should know your way around the business enough to see if its for you.

    I'm not saying this to be rude either - $5k-$10k for "training" isn't that bad and it'll be a heck of a lot better than signing up for one of those snake-oil seminar programs which leave you with little to nothing but a hole in the wallet.

    The above will get you the opportunity to learn, get your Series 7 and execute some trades. That's hard to put a price tag on IMO.
  4. You should think of it as a business. Do you own or work for a business?

    Start from there.

    Seems like most people starting out thinking they can find the Markets g-spot
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    best places to start .....
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    Quite simple I think really, you either have the desire and fortitude or you don''s a very hard road and the difference between those who fail and the people who succeed is that the people left standing, the ones who succeed, never knew or never accepted the "fact" that they failed and so they didn't...catch the drift, if you have it you're there already and nothing standing in your way but a few small bumps in the road ahead ;)