how do i know if trend reversed in a bear market vs bull market?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by mute9003, May 9, 2022.

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    You ask everyone. Everyone responds. But problem is everyone can't be right. Or not all the time in every situation.

    It takes to time learn and understand who to listen and who not and when to apply what you learned.

    Starting a couple of topics is great but screentime (and reading a book or two) can't be shortchanged.
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    Boo Hoo.
    Do you want to trade or not.
    That's a yes or no question.
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    Think of trading and charts, strategies, what you trade, how you trade as an art, not a science.
    If you are new to this game, realize it takes time to become adjusted, it takes many years until your brain can get all the jigsaw pieces together. Then, when you get there, there is more to learn.
    I've been in this game decades and still, even today, creating new methods to hone the skills.
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    Think of yourself as a hunter, stalker, always adapting and getting a sharper eye, using better weapons for the kill.
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    Get your game on, time's a wastin.
    This looks almost like a personal invite.
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    9003, Try this at home.
    Trading the T-line, Stephen Bigalow - cut to the chase ...

    T-Line Trade 8984 soxl 5m.png
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    You’ll see a series of breadth thrusts.
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