Holy shit, I have found the proof about the COVID falsehoods!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Overnight, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Overnight


    It came from an unlikely source, while reading the following thread. But it was @Thor post that made me go...DUH!


    "...like watching a burger flip and it lands on the wrong side up, but an igloo has only one entrance and exit..."

    That got me to thinking about the 2-second rule about picking up food from the floor. If you do it in two seconds, you won't get any germs on the food! Anyone remember that silly?

    Anyways, so if you cannot get germs from dropping the buttered bread on the floor after just two seconds, then how can you get the COVID virus from touching surfaces for less than two seconds! YOU CAN'T!


    I'd like to thank Thor, and supermarkets, and everyone else for proving that yes, you can eat food from the floor if you pick it up within 2 seconds.

    *This awesome anecdotal science result also indicates that you cannot contract COVID if you have sex with your mate for 2 seconds or less. Umm...*

    You're welcome. hahaha!