Has trading made you more spiritual?

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    I started out trading just so that I can make enough money to quit the corporate slavery.
    However, what I have found is the existence of preciseness, accuracy and detail that is similar to the physical laws in the natural world.
    Which is something I never expected to find because the markets are man made. It is still a pleasant surprise that there are precise laws that operate in the market just like in the physical world and I find that beautiful.
    Anyone else have a spiritual appreciation for what goes on in the market?
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  2. For sure, trading - directly or indirectly - got me back to "spirituality".
    As some people say, when nothing seems to work, just get the person a bible.
    I will humbly say, that, this was key for me, as it really got me to realise I had much to know about spirituality.
    At the end of the day, trading is very much about psychology; and the Bible describes very well human nature/mechanisms from a higher perspective than mere psychology. Well, I found out I did not know much.
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  3. rin4et


    I don't equate spirituality with the Bible. You can be spiritual without following any man made religion which was designed to capitalize on the masses. In order to be successful at trading you have to think outside the box, take the less beaten path and not follow the group thinking. The same way spirituality involves avoiding organized religion and groups and taking a personal journey down a less beaten path.
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  4. Truth_


    I don’t believe that trading has made me more spiritual. But I have found that my spiritual practices have benefited my trading.

    please see this previous post for additional blathering

    Interesting that the OP expressed an interest in escaping corporate slavery in the same breath as spirituality (old man, do not start another digression).

    I like seeing spirituality put into action, not just a flapping of lips. So, one of the things that I do is donate a portion of my banked profits to charity. A very old principle found in many religions.

    Muslims are required to do so as one of the five pillars of Islam, as Zakat, or charitable giving.

    Christians, not so much, no commandment to help to needy, but they are exhorted (not extorted) to give alms, with the provision of keeping it anonymous. (Matthew 6:2)

    Jews have Tzedakah, which while commonly viewed as charity, is more of a duty towards a justice for the poor.

    Buddhists give daily alms to monks, since the monks only get their food for that single day.

    I keep it simple. I believe in helping those that are cold and the hungry. So cash in an envelope given to a nice lady at the local food bank, and another at a homeless shelter. No tax receipts, no identity, no accolades, just that odd old man in the truck with the dogs. Could they be stealing the money? Sure, but if they need the cash that badly, that they are taking from the neediest people, whom they see everyday, then so be it.

    To my mind, if you’re spiritual, you’re spiritual. I did not find trading to be a gateway to peace and happiness. But I have found the reverse, if I am peaceful and happy, I trade better.

    I certainly find that meditation helps with trading, along with ignoring news, forums, and all manner of distraction, when I am actually putting money into the markets.

    Afterwards, I can relax and read nonsense such as what I post. Often is the time that I see a forum post with which I have a different view, I think the post will do harm, I think about the scathing rebuke I should write as I am filled with righteous knowledge. Then I laugh at myself for being so ridiculous, turn off the internet, and do something productive, like cleaning my toilet.
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  5. Why are you against Religions?
    I, actually, do respect ALL religions - except "SA ùùù TA ùùù NISM" in all its declinations ( be it christian, jewish, muslim or even bouddhists as people explain clearly that they too have their version of "SA ùùù TA ùùù NISM").
    The theories about being successful in trading are well behind me: my focus now is how will use the profits, do I want just to accumulate for the sake of accumulating, what do I want to do with serious wealth.
    First, I discovered that I find poverty a real scandal. May be this comes from my overseas trips. So I decided to do something about it, and today, I am discovering, via getting in the trenches ( I believe in "walking the talk") , that deep down the issue - even with poverty - is all about psychology/"spirituality". So I do not give money, I prefer to pay for coaching, dhamma.org retreats ( sent so far 80 people who have benefitted), get people into Catholic retreats ( specially when they are suffering the consequences of "fornication" , "impudicity", etc). And even, get people to read some very ancient Muslim Monks who explain very well the nature and manifestations of vice ( greed, cupidity, arrogance, self-suffisance, shying from work AND "not wanting to be a work slave"), when their judgement is too blinded to see what they are doing.
    The Torah is an excellent book, to get people straight into the importance of Religion - just the 10 commandments get people thinking.
    There are various modalities to "spirituality": some have managed to preserve this ancient knowledge for many more years than us. Asians have their techniques well studied for over 5000 years before Jesus-Christ for instance. And I have just discovered that there are very ancient culture who luckily for us, have kept their knowledge for more than 20,000 years.

    Why do you think that just because your life might just be around 100 years, you know more than
    5,000 years, or even 2,000 years of recorded knowledge ( Bible, etc)?
    Do you think, rin4et, that your little life experience of less than 100 years, knows better than
    2,000 years of recorded knowledge?
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    Do not support any organized religion! Like I said organized religion was designed to scam and control the masses and extract money from them. It is no surprise that the leaders of organized religion are filty rich. The Pope lives in a castle with gold plated furniture! Same for other religions. Don't support these crooks.
    If you really want to help humanity provide free birth control, vasectomies, condoms, sterilization etc to the poor people and drug addicts. Not only will you be helping to reduce suffering in this world but you will be helping the environment.
    There was a woman in the news recently that was paying drug addicts to get sterilized. That is the way to go. Start small and then hopefully we can expand to provide free sterilization to all poor countries.
  7. rin4et: are you really that rich? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    For some, those with less than $500 millions should be exterminated, by any means.
    When do you wish to get under what you are offering ;)
  8. bpr


    I have a theory ...trading leads to soul purification ...
    the more impurity you have (negative traits ) the more painful your journey ...
    Once you get rid of most imperfections only then you start to make money ....
  9. traderob


    Yes, my wife can testify about the number of times I have said "oh Jesus Christ" during a losing trade .
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  10. I wonder when will your wife give you a Bible to start reading before entering a trade.
    Also, traderob, before starting your trading, if you watch some Bible related animations/videos on youtube, for some reasons, you are much more patient, careful and disciplines.
    It's all about getting the right mindset when trading.
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