Great deal Lenovo ideapad 3 15.6 laptop touchscreen Best Buy

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by KCalhoun, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. destriero


    lol sure you are. Let us know when it ships! Produce the paid receipt with the 5000 and I'll PP you the money.
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  2. KCalhoun


    It's for my daughter to use making yt vids for me plus her personal use. If you have a family member that needs a decent touchscreen it's a bargain

    I use a custom 5-monitor system myself:D
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  3. Overnight


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  4. Let's make this dude last longer than @s0mmi???
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  5. Why use a laptop then? Desktops have better performance/ price ratios

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  6. VicBee


    Just bought an RTX6700XT OC vid card for gaming...I mean trading.
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  7. Desktop Tower computers are f'n huge, and ugly to look at.
    That big, blocky, archaic box sitting on my table or under it...I'm not interested in that.
    I want a high-end system, but not a high-end, bulky, box.
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  8. I agree but there are some really nice small form factor cases. Won't get you high end water cooled type desktop performance but will compete with a high end laptop and significantly cheaper.

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  9. Its a great laptop and a great price. Never understood the weird, knee jerk negative, "Its Trash" type responses to these kind of posts...then it turns into a male spitting match???

    "My laptop can kick your laptops ass with one punch"??? wft... Why do we need this on here? I mean, he gives us the link to a great laptop at a great price. What ever happened "Thank You"

    Hey KCalhoun...Thank You
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