Great deal Lenovo ideapad 3 15.6 laptop touchscreen Best Buy

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by KCalhoun, Sep 16, 2021.

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  2. Think pad has better quality
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    It's too late. He already bought the Lenovo.
  4. That's the kind of laptop a 14'yr old would use.
    I'm eyeing a Thinkpad/laptop computer with the latest generation Xeon processor and a RTX 5000 graphics's a bit overkill for basic trading, but I still want it.
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    1366 x 768 (HD) screen in 2021. Yikes.
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    He said he bought it for family. How do you know he did not buy it for a 14YO in his family?

    You are really bad at logic.
  7. I just bought a dell outlet precision 5560 with w11955m processor, 64 gb ecc, 512 ssd, nvidia rtx2000, price 4000. My palm feels hot typing, likely to return it.
  8. Will buy a latitude i7-11g85 processor.
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    $4000 for a laptop? Good grief!
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  10. I use a separate, full-sized, gaming keyboard and mouse and monitor...attached to the laptop.

    I don't actually use the laptop, though. It's more of a hidden away computer. Off to the side.
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