From failure to success in trading (my story)

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    single handicappers are in the top 10% of all the golfers in the world.

    you can ask my club what my handicap is.
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    remember there is a lot of money to be made even by trading reasonably small.

    money is made by being right NOT BY TRADING BIG

    what is important is that you learn what the market does.

    i have read 100s of books for 30 years

    no book has helped me except Brooks and even that took me 14 years to get an idea what he is talking about...just an idea......

    i am still learning
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    So you think the holy grail to enlightenment is to not work hard, but to follow a guru who claims said enlightenment. Typical Hindu bullshit.
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    He didn't write where he has played.:D
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    wow you are observant

    i am not interested in proving anything
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    nor should you be.
    @Buy1Sell2 does have a good (34 page!) thread about it though.
    If you truly are a 4, please go down there and point out the futility of his obsession with the friggin' driver when it comes to scoring well. I tried.
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    No. You're more interested in telling people that because you studied trading books and did not get anything out of that effort, that nobody else can do it either. That is so passive-aggressive it makes my head spin.
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    not at all friend.
    I focused on other more scalable and easy-to-develop strategies.
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