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    Glad to finally be an ET sponsor!

    Join me every Saturday at 10amET for my popular 'week ahead' 20-minute webinars:


    see why 6k traders trust me:

    Disclaimer: “The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success. No compensation is paid in exchange for any testimonial. "

    I'm a longtime MoneyShow speaker & #1-rated TASC columnist.
    Why trust me, why care? see:


    Plus I play a mean tenor sax, lol:

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    btw i trade daily, i'm not a bs chart-talking only educator; #winning today's trades:

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  3. Go Ken!

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  5. MKTrader


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    Hi - sure, i was down 521 today; i had an up 2k day last week; P&L proof:
    (I have no 'unfair advantage'; most experienced day traders use multi-monitor setups, fwiw)

    Good point re smaller wins; that's my biggest area for improvement as a trader is I'm So risk averse I never got comfortable trading large size; hence I'm an instructor, and genuine trader. open to suggestions...


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    Join me today to get my tips for trading next week's markets, free.

    I'll login early at 9:30am for Q&A plus ask for my take on charts you're following:

    Get candid, actionable tips
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    Join me tomorrow Sat am as we look at casino, oil and gold stocks & etfs etc like MGM PENN DWT and many more, free at link below