What's everyone using for hardware these days? Is everyone using laptops by now?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Howard, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Howard


    Hi all,

    I'm currently running two 24" external screens on a fairly powerful laptop which serves as my 3rd screen. While this set-up is working fine, I'm now considering adding a 3rd screen making it a total of 3x24".

    This may be pushing it in terms of computer performance? I would probably need a docking station as well.

    So, I've been considering actually getting a workstation/stationary computer to power 3 external monitors and use my existing lap-top as a back-up/secondary computer.

    Alternatively, I have one computer/laptop + 1 external monitor where I run my statistical programs/analysis and one computer/laptop + 2 external monitors where I run my charting software and execute my trades (still doing that manually).

    On the other hand - a wish to stay mobile and 'travel light' makes me want to avoid getting too 'heavy' at the time being. So, sticking with one computer might be preferrable.

    Travel does not mean trading at an airport or from the local Starbucks, but I am semi-mobile and may want to change residency with some frequency. If not, this would not be an issue.

    Just thinking out loud here and at the same time curious about what everyone else uses these days and if some people are still using heavy, stationary workstations.

    PS: For back-up - I do have an old laptop around already, but it's unusable for serious trading. My main back-up solution is actually my smart phone. Have not needed to use it yet.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. ZBZB


    Search for the dell 7070 optiplex. The PC is in the monitor stand and it will support three screens. Released the on the 24th of September.
  3. Howard


    Thanks, man. I did notice that one in another thread. Will do some research on this one.

    I still favour having a laptop though - simply because it's an all-in-one package. But I could of course have both, i.e., laptop as back-up/travel solution and Dell 7070 at home.
  4. Turveyd


    Prefer tablets, don't really need keyboard to trade with, so 3 cheap ish tablets, much easier to carry around.

    Only using 2 currently, DAX and NQ 1 chart open on each.
  5. I prefer the desktop. Currently using a Dell Optiflex refurb with a graphics card upgrade, a 21" monitor for TWS main screen, and a 32" for 10 extra chart windows for TWS. Also have a laptop for my TradingView scanner but I also have a Raspberry Pi set up for that and I have used it also. I COULD trade with just the laptop but meh. Fixing to get a 55" monitor today, on sale at Walmart for $289, sez GF. I will end up with all the standard TWS windows showing and also a dozen chart windows, I think. I like to put my entire watchlist on charts, all in view without tabbing back and forth. When a stock breaks out of consolidation I can pounce. I can also watch an index fund or two, usually TVIX and TQQQ/SQQQ. The new monitor will replace both the 21" and the 32" ones.
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  6. KCalhoun

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    desktop i built myself, superfast asus mobo + 5 monitors, great for daytrading

    plus it looks badass lol
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  7. trdes


    I use a microwave and a tin can with string attached to it in order to connect to the internet. Not very fast, but frankly it's a pretty big savings on the bills
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  8. tomorton


    Surely hardware is the least important element in successful trading?

    FWIW I'm on an Aspire PC with 8MB RAM, OS windows 10 Home. It never fails.

    Though I do intend to get a laptop at some future date as I intend travelling more. But it won't be anything to email home about.......
  9. trdes


    Thank you for backing me up, I thought people we're going to look down on my lack of hardware as being too outdated.
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  10. dozu888


    The more elaborated hard usually means shorter time frame and higher fail rate.

    Buying hardware is like a newbie sailor buying a boat. It’s all downhill from the purchase day.
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