Favorite financial markets movies and series?

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  1. My favorite one's are:

    -Margin call
    -Wolf of wall street
    -The big short
    -Wall street (1 and 2)
    -Too big to fall
    -Inside job (even though, this is more a documental)
    -To catch a trader (Documental as well, but there is a rumor that Bobby Axelrod was inspired by Steve Cohen and his stunts)


    -Wall street warriors (You can find it on youtube)
    -Million dollar traders (You can find it on youtube)

    What are your favorites? Any suggestions?
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    Rogue Trader is a great movie and based on a true story.
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    Look at how Eddie explains it in this episode :

    Now this :

    I like that pattern in their attitude. Makes me to feel, as if it is some quantum physics, that we do.
    And it's not. But it does take intelligence and certain type of the character.

    Thanks, didn't knew.

    Anyone heard of ,,Suits" - is it worth it ?
    As far as i saw (short episode) - a character there, has some super-power type of a memory, when he reads something, then it stays perma in his memory, which is no-go for me. (pure nonsense, worse than that, makes general audience to think, that one has to be an anomaly to understand concept of a term- SnP)
  5. Trading places was absolutely hilarious and I really enjoyed it.
  6. I shall watch it! Any idea where to download it?

    I saw it yesterday, it was epic!!!

    I Agree completely

    It's a short series, but a pretty cool one

    Suits its ok, but as far as law series goes, I would take up Boston legal any day of the week, I'm a huge James Spader fan.
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    Aah, i thought it's markets related.
  8. The core is financial markets but you can share other genres. The list I shared are my favorite financial markets movies
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    Glengarry Glen Ross. Not about the markets but some of it is related. Great movie as well.
    Owning Mahowny. About compulsive gambling but it shares many similarities, the guy is also after a "system" and is always "so close" to success.
    Boiler Room. As the title says. A classic, even if with some bad acting involved.
    Limitless. I actually found it to be very well made and could relate.
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