Discord chat for ES EMini futures

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    Hopefully right forum, and this post conforms to posting guidelines.

    This is not a commercial/business post. No memberships, fees, mentorships, or any of that stuff.

    This is a discord chat server that is geared towards the serious ES futures trader.

    First, the why.

    Before I get there, let me tell you a bit about myself. I've traded futures for a decade. Currently, I open positions with 40-120 contracts. I don't work for a hedge fund, a prop firm, or any firm for that matter. I trade my own capital. I have done well, especially the last couple of years. It is a full time job, even though I am degreed in a professional field. I made my money there, and found out I had a knack for trading my own money.

    It appears that most chat rooms fall into the "guru" catergory. That is, people spend money per month to have someone tell them what to buy and why. I make (or lose) more in a couple of handles than some of the fees these "gurus" are generating. Given the time and expense (did I mention time?), that it takes to fleece gullible members, why would anyone who is a serious trader do that? "Let me collect $100 from 100 people per month, for a whopping $10,000 per month while I engage in constant marketing and administrative time, whereas I could have devoted that time to improving my trading for the month and made 10x that? The second are prop firms chat rooms. Nothing against prop firms, but chat rooms should not be an adjunct to a money-making scheme, otherwise it becomes subservient to the success of the prop firm.

    Whether you trade by technical analysis, sentiment, order flow, a dart board in your office or a monkey in your closet, we all have one goal- buy (or sell) high, and sell (or buy) low.

    I spend about 60 hours a week trading in which time time I might make no trades or a whole bunch.

    I am looking for fellow traders in the same situation as I am. I am a big believer in the efficiently rigged market theory; having more information is always better than having too little information.

    I would join a chat room if a) it existed and b) it wasn't run by low net worth scam artists looking to derive their primary income from pretending to have an edge on the market. So far in my search, I have yet to find one. That is not say there isn't an ES trading room that is out there that meets my needs, just that I haven't found one. So the next step is to hope one is conjured up, or just do something a bit more likely, albeit a bit more work, and start one.

    The discord chat invite is linked below. It is public (for now at least), will never charge or engage in anything like that, and may not be much for now, but hopefully through the ES trading community, plus a bit of luck, pluck and persistence, it becomes a worthwhile tool for all its members.

    I am going to post this same wall of words in a few other sites. Hopefully, we will see you in the channel.

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    So the main reason is to swap ideas? Most people join chat rooms to learn. Are you going to teach?
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    Forwarded this to my friend who day trades ES among other things. Good luck with the chat room!
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    I dunno about that. I have a serious lack of people in my outside the internet life to talk to every day about things. I might be more motivated to trade every single day if I had this. I don't really need guidance as much as I just want to talk to people about things in the market.
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    I agree, but I suspect you would rather PM selected people. I see more and more direct and indirect solicitations for some kind of mentoring. After the initial post, I don't see them involved in any information sharing or participation. But this may be different.
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    And this being his first post? Golly gee, am going to sign up right now, my new system throwing darts at Cookie Monster really works, falls short is a sell signal and longs if hit his nose.
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    You should contact these ET members that also do live streaming of the Emini ES futures although they are not on Discord but they could be considering they're also into using live streaming / chatting for Gaming.


    hilmy83 ET thread @ https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/joining-the-cme-gang.334231/


    souih ET thread @ https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/live-mes-dom-trading.336072/

    There's about 5 others from ET (a few on Discord) doing live streams of trading (not chatting) but I can not remember all of their user names and they're mainly lurkers here at Elitetrader instead of trying to get followers.
    • What's the advantage or differences between live streaming on Discord versus Twitch or Youtube (I've heard Twitch has the least lag time) ?
    • You live streaming your trading of Emini ES futures, just chatting or both ?
    • Wow...40 - 120 contracts per trade or the total contracts in a trading day ?
    • Does Discord auto record your live stream so that others can view it later (seems like Youtube and Twitch does such) ?
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    Aren't you concerned that interacting with other traders during a trading day might interfere with your own trading?

    You seem to be doing extremely well, I do not really understand how it might be worth jeopardizeing those kinds of results.
  9. wrbtrader


    He could be doing well because of that interaction but it depends upon the type of interaction and whom he's interacting with.

    Some people trade better when they're alone and not interacting with others. In contrast, there are others that trade well because of the interaction.

    Yet, I would think it would be a distraction if those you're interacting with are only talking about topics not related to trading. For example, you're in there talking about things that could impact your trades whereas others are in there talking about the Kim Kardashian latest episode that was on TV last night.

    In contrast, I think the real obvious distraction would be "chatting" about trades / trading at a Gaming site or any other location that has another audience not related to trading. That's the reason why I asked him an earlier question...is he chatting on Discord or only live streaming on Discord or maybe both.

    Yet, it would seem odd to live stream your trades if you can not see your audience those that say they are trading do the same ?

    The few people I know that are chatting / live streaming on Discord or Twitch are into Gaming. They're using multiple monitors...gaming on one monitor while trading on the other monitor...

    They don't do well in trading and it makes me wonder if the real reason for the poor performance in trading is the Gaming.

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    First post on ET..."I'm a millionaire ES trader...and I'm lonely!"
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