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  1. souilh


    I trade MES on DOM using jigsaw so i wait for action on the dom (Big volume, Rejection...) and then decide to enter or exit a trade
    so i want to share my live trading to help anyone just starting to learn how Dom trading working , and also if someone see that i made mistake can help to improve my trading is more than welcome a win-win deal :)

    I try youtube and FB but i found latency is better on twitch only 3-4 seconds so start using twitch for this
    any suggestion are welcome to improve this experience
    this is the link of the live sharing

    Sorry for my bad English I'm a french speaker :)
  2. Looking forward to it...
  3. souilh


    Today hit my daily loss so i turn off untill tomorrow
  4. off to a rocky start...but that's trading! Thanks for the twitch view. Will you be adding audio?


  5. souilh


    yes in future i will add it
  6. wrbtrader


    That latency you talking about a lag ?

    If so, how did you discover the lag via someone else telling you about it or you have another computer in which you used to watch your own live stream from comparison to the computer with your broker trade execution platform / DOM ?

    Also, did you select Twitch to get away from what traders tend to use for their live streaming (e.g. Youtube, Facebook) or you're familiar with Twitch because you're a gamer too ?

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  7. Datum


    He's talking about the streaming platform latency.
  8. Datum


    I saw you took a few big losses shorting a clear uptrend. Price was making HHs and HLs until price topped @ 3024.50. Once price printed a LH (3022.50) should you have been considering a short position.
  9. souilh


    Yes is latency so when i took a short or a buy you will see it after 4 seconds in Twitch if i use Youtube you will see it after 20 seconds is a lot
    so Twitch offer the less latency
  10. souilh


    The mistake i made is to add to my short early normaly i don't do this untill the trend reverse i use wide stop on this but i was not focused 100% today so i hit my daily max loss and close all
    and the reverse i was waiting come not far from where i close so i don't have to stay away from my rules every time i do it is a max loss but we still learning from our mistake every day
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