CTS T4 becomes unresponsive

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dextor, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Does anyone else faces this problem where T4 becomes unresponsive and all the "close button" icons on opened charts turns red when trading NQ (especially when the market is this volatile) ?

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    Found my own solution, it seems that when tradesniper has expired future contracts, it would causes a system slow down. Although DOM or expired futures contracts are not display on screen, it doesn't mean it would not cause an issue. The application would hang on spreads with expired contracts.

    Removed those expire contracts, it fixed the issue.

    Hope it helps someone.
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  3. Hi Dextor,

    Been reading your posts related to autospreaders and wanted to see how you're liking CTS T4 Tradesniper? Any critical issues or challenges you've noticed?

    I currently trade the yield curve but leg into each side manually which as my volume grows is becoming a limitation. I'm also keen to begin implementing some spread strategies in the energy complex (calendar crude spreads and various crack spreads) so know I need to step into an autospreader product. I'm looking just like you were at either TT or CTS (CQG is just too expensive to start out) so any advice you can give would be helpful.

    Feel free to DM me if you want to talk there.

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    Hi Coldwater,

    CQG is definitely expensive to start.

    The last time I used TT, I had encountered some of the issues mentioned in this thread.
    Out of frustration, I switched to T4; Interestingly T4 didn't had those issues. I was happy with it for a while, but hang on, there's more.

    I have observed that T4 seems to have a wider spreads on entry/exit (I used it after I have unsubscribed TT). The spreads seems to be lower on TT when entering or exiting a trade. I have posted on this forum to ask why this was the case but there weren't many answers on it. Most likely not many ETs are trading spreads.
    It's not like I have both platforms running concurrently for comparison, as it would be expensive. - This is more of a general observation. Take this with a pinch of salt if it doesn't make sense.

    Lastly, TT support was definitely responsive to my support issues, and they would actively work on resolving my issues. That's not to say that T4 support wasn't responsive; they didn't had the issues so I had lesser reasons to contact them.

    No longer using my money to test out TT. I am hoping that they would fix the issues some time soon. I definitely can't be using my trading time & money to keep reporting their issues. Of course, these issues could have been fixed some time back.

    Another school of thought would be to build an autospreader, but I'll leave it to the pros to advice on this one.

    One more thing, how would you execute stops on those spreads?
    Those 2 can't do it unless you automate or put orders through a desk.

    Hope this would be helpful to you.