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    Very often, newbies, start with mining to get at least the initial money for further trading, but recently mining popularity fell down due to low fees for miners and high prices for equipment. However, there are types of virtual money that can be generated using a processor. The final result depends on the correctly chosen strategy.
    The beginners can assume that any crypto mining can be carried out on the processor. This is the wrong approach. It is worth giving preference to this method only in exceptional cases, more precisely, when working with special cryptocurrencies. Their main feature is a special fit of the hashing algorithm for the processor. These currencies include Tera Coin, fast (1000 tps) anonymous and decentralized crypto https://terafoundation.org/
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    I read WP Tera in the documentation on their website and I liked it. The unique code and blockchain features distinguish this cryptocurrency from many others.
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    Hello everybody. I think I need some help.

    I read many reviews about Tera and recently, I would like to try to take part in the mining Tera, but as I have a weak computer, I did not manage to do it. I read about Tera mining, but do not know how to connect to it. Anybody can help? Any help will be appreciated.
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