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Discussion in 'Events' started by Andre, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. Andre



    On Wednesday, March 26th @ 4:30PM EST Hedge Fund Manager and FFastTrade customer Aaron Schindler will be joining us in the Elite Trader chat room as he discusses:

    - Starting and Managing a Hedge Fund
    - Investing in Hedge Funds
    - Money Management
    - Backtesting & Developing Strategies
    - Hardware & Software

    FFastTrade will also be on hand to discuss their Remote-Pro advanced trading platform designed for the higher volume trader, which is delivered over the web via Citrix, allowing precision scalping and single-click trading while delivering real-time multiple exchange connectivity to CME/EUREX/LIFFE/CBOT.

    Stop on by or... post a question here beforehand if you cannot make it, and we'll try to get an answer.

  2. this is an excellent idea. I bet lots of people on this board have at least considered forming a hedge fund.
  3. bozwood


    Will there be a transcript posted following the chat session?

  4. there usually is boz
  5. Andre


    Just want to bump this up to the top.
    And yes, chat logs are usually loaded within a half hour of the end of event.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I would've forgotten.
  7. MaoTseTung

    MaoTseTung Guest

    where do I find the transcript of this chat ? thx.
  8. Welcome to the forum Mao. The transcript is on the ET Home page, or just click here.

  9. MaoTseTung

    MaoTseTung Guest

    Thanks a lot Plisken
  10. Andre


    I'd like to thank Aaron Schindler and the folks from FFastTrade for taking the time to be with us in the Elite Trader chat room yesterday.

    But just as important, is an audience. We're able to bring in guests because they know they'll have an audience! Thanks, everyone for attending.

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