Cape Town: water supply to be turned off on April 12

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    Here is the Wikipedia article:

    Google News might be the best source for the most up-to-date information.

    The first two links in the Wikipedia article are useful.

    However at the time of writing:

    * "Day zero", when (most of) the city's water taps will be turned off is now scheduled to be April 12.

    * On that date, residents will have to attend one of 200 distribution points to collect their maximum allocation of 25 litres of water per person per day.

    * Specific details of how the 25 litre limit will function remain unclear:

    * There will be some exemptions - water will still be available from taps in hospitals and in the CBD area.


    With that background out of the way, can anyone think of any way to trade ("play") this ongoing event?

    The only idea I can think of is to short Cape Town property, and its proxies (eg. banks). However I am not sure about how to put that into practice.


    Guys, this thread is about the economic aspects of the situation, and I created another thread on the topic to discuss the politics of it.
    Please take all the political discussion there. Thanks.
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    Sure. Invest heavily in the private firm that builds some efficient desalination plants on the coast. If the local government knew this was coming for a long time, shame on them for not stepping up the planning ahead.
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    you are talking about governments. infrastructures all over the US are collapsing. obviously, it takes money and incentives in the right place for good outcomes
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    Did they shut off the water on 2-12?