Cape Town water crisis - politics thread

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    Here is the Wikipedia article:

    Google News might be the best source for the most up-to-date information.

    The first two links in the Wikipedia article are useful.

    However at the time of writing:

    * "Day zero", when (most of) the city's water taps will be turned off is now scheduled to be April 12.

    * On that date, residents will have to attend one of 200 distribution points to collect their maximum allocation of 25 litres of water per person per day.

    * Specific details of how the 25 litre limit will function remain unclear:

    * There will be some exemptions - water will still be available from taps in hospitals and in the CBD area.


    I created another Cape Town thread
    in the economics forum because I am interested in discussing the economic effects, and in particular, any trading opportunities.

    However I appreciate that there is a political aspect to the water crisis.

    So here is that politics thread.

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  2. I lived in Capetown for nearly a year.

    Its some tech, a bit of steel I think then tourism but fruit and wine in the cape are major. Also fishing but I don't think the fishermen care about the water crisis. The manufacturing & services will be fine, tourism a bit affected but they will protect that.

    Wine is a big thing that has trade-able futures. However the drought is here already..
  3. Drought = less Cape wine probably of higher quality yields higher prices.