beating the banks

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    i don't want a complete guide with entry and exit rules, i just want advice on how to get started making a winning system of my own.

    I am looking to trade the 4hr chart on various currency pairs especially high volume ones like the eur usd

    is my anxiety about the banks that move the forex market warranted? do they have a very advanced, robust trading strategy? or are they like me but with a few secret tricks?
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  2. rather beating your butt against concrete
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    Banks make money from order flow. They rarely have a strong view.
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  4. cole_


    then who's moving the market?
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    Your job is not to identify the "who", focus instead on where the aggressive buyers and sellers are concentrated.
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    do these buyers and sellers have an advanced, robust trading strategy?
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    It doesn't matter. A small trader can front large orders profitably even if those orders aren't profitable for the principal involved. It all depends on the time frame.
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  8. beating the banks

    There's no need to feel overpowered by banks, hedge funds, brokers etc., or to try and tell what they're doing, or to try and copy their strategies as they're playing a different game on the same board. They aren't the Gods of trading that you imagine, or that they would like you to believe.

    Just study and work hard to do the best you can. YOU are the one you have to beat, not the banks.

    Take a look at the following link:
    Attention all Futures Traders -Class-Action Lawsuit Notice settlement worth allegedly $2,120,275,000
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    How can you know that trading the 4hr chart will be profitable for you without a system yet? surely the cart should follow the horse?

    The forex market is like any other. The big players use big money to take positions they want to take, and this moves price up or down. When prices are rising, it pays to belong: when they're falling it pays to be short: the actual mechanism you use to get into these situations is not so crucial. For example, price rises at some point after almost every 20/50EMA cross-over: it is very easy to make a profit using such a dumb signal, but how much you make will be determined by your money management and exit rules.
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    I like the 4hr chart because it doesnt require me to stare at the charts all day but at the same time it doesn't make me wait forever to get a signal
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