Attention all Futures Traders -Class-Action Lawsuit Notice settlement worth allegedly $2,120,275,000

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    Class-Action Lawsuit Notice - In re Foreign Exchange Benchmarks Antitrust Litig.,13-CV-07789 (LGS) - $2,120,275,000

    Attention all Futures Traders
    - If you traded any FX Exchange-Traded Futures or Options contracts between January 1, 2003 and December 15, 2015 you could be entitled to a recovery. AMP is not a party in this lawsuit and has no knowledge about it other than information it has received from the parties. However, we want to make you aware that it is possible that you may be entitled to a recovery from the lawsuit. AMP does not know if you are entitled to a recovery and we ask that you do not contact us regarding it.

    This notice is to alert you to proposed settlements worth allegedly $2,120,275,000 reached in a class-action lawsuit titled In re Foreign Exchange Benchmarks Antitrust Litig.,13-CV-07789 (LGS). The lawsuit alleges that sixteen banks (“Defendants”) acted to manipulate and fix prices on the foreign exchange market. The lawsuit alleges that this manipulation affected the prices of futures contracts and options on futures contracts traded over the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and other futures exchanges.

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    There is a risk of loss in trading futures, forex and options. Futures, forex and options trading are not appropriate for all investors.
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  2. There they are, the big banks and brokers, with all the information in the world at their fingertips, an analyst for everything, a room full of guys with a PhD and a BB, AI, algos galore, and they still have to manipulate prices to make money!!
    They should fire the analysts, cancel the BB, delete the algos, and just hire all the great traders here on ET!!
  3. jharmon


    how much for the lawyers?
  4. I concure.........
  5. All the big banks and brokers are making money based on fees, matket making and commissions.
    No one (include all the algo, PhD, super analysts , Al and etc) can make money by betting on direction trades consistently in Long Term.