Anyone try or using this software ?

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  2. 100%
  3. Thanks for that detailed and explicit response Jack.
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    The fact that this is for sale is evidence that it doesn't work. Looks like a rehash of Hurst's stuff from way back. It was possible to buy a mechanical device for this. You would line up some highs or lows then a pointer would tell you where to expect turning points in the future. Only the sellers of such things make money. Sometimes quite a lot of it.
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    The device was the Ehrlich Cycle Finder.
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    This video (timestamped) compares TACHEON Prime and TACHEON Time Warp.

    TACHEON Prime looks like it looks at price cycles possibly similar to my post which shows something that tries to predict with a trend plus a sum of sinusoids to show turning points.
    TACHEON Time Warp looks at price cycles plus seven (as of Nov 21, 2017) specific patterns that "the banks" implement.
  7. First of all, trend-following for intraday futures has proven to be much less profitable than COUNTER-TREND systems. Secondly, please espouse upon the SINUSOIDS comment. What are they ? How can they be exploited in trading ?

    How do they know this is "the banks" ? What about large hedge funds ?
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    Regarding sinusoids, this post has an example of a function that only depends on time that fits a curve:
    y = 56.4195823669  +  0.1046799496 * x  +  0.0002184126 * x^2
        +  1.0908385515 * cos(twopi / 28.9732589925 * x  +  4.5311441422)
        +  0.8659873009 * cos(twopi / 64.9392941518 * x  +  0.3379080296)
        +  0.7130651474 * cos(twopi / 16.9317009049 * x  +  0.6330339909) ;
    The cosine functions are the sinusoids, and x is time (index of bar used as input data), so the function can be projected in the future by changing x to predict times of future turning points. So, perhaps TACHEON Prime does something roughly similar to create and/or project their oscillator into the future to predict turning points:

    "The banks" is just the term Back To The Future Trading uses to refer to institutions that cause prices to change.
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  10. Thanks for this. Look at all of the factors involved ! This approach would require tons of computing time to change these factors over time as I believe they have a fixed lookback period. Not sure if they change these daily or weekly or ???
    I believe they purport a 60% accuracy rate but some users are showing win rates of 80% or more in trading the S&P 500 futures.
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