anyone tried to reverse engineer strategies on collective2?

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  1. trend2009


    some strategies on collective2 look good, and collective2 also provides detailed information for entry and exit of those strategies. has anyone tried to reverse engineer them? or are they possible to be decoded?
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  2. trend2009,

    It is more productive to design and test your own trading strategies then using the time to reverse engineer someone else strategy.
  3. Turveyd


    Reverse engineer the code yes, try to work out there method without the code, wayyyy to many variables don't bother trying.

    Got the code ??
  4. trend2009


    strategies on collective2 can expand your view to other possible ways to trade. more strategies in your toolbox is better.
  5. trend2009


    i do not have. by reviewing their trade record, we can generally gather how the method works.
  6. guru


    I’ve seen at least one I liked where I could figure out 80% of how it works, but you can’t get every detail, data they use, indicators, indicator values, etc. Though you could end up with a variant.

    I’m actually planning to setup some of my own strategies on C2, but mainly those that are very difficult to describe even for me, and it can take me a while to figure out why or how a trade was made or closed. My strategies are made up of 40 or more sub-strategies and there is no way anyone could tell which trade was made using which sub-strategy, based on what criteria/indicators, or which sub-strategy exited position and why. I also process and summarize the data my own way, use custom indicators that no one ever heard of, etc.

    If you can figure something out then you should know your chances after 15 minutes of looking at it.
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  7. [​IMG]

    For younger readers, the Lada was a soviet era motorcar that was a byword for poor quality and general terribleness (apparently they're still made).

    Nobody from GM or Ford ever felt the need to reverse engineer a Lada.

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  9. Nice analogy GAT.
  10. trend2009


    it is bad analogy because motors have same fundamental physics while trading strategy is quite diverse.
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