anyone trading Brooks or studying him

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  1. padutrader


    i have been reading his first book for a round 13 years.

    wondering if i am the only one here
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  3. Padutrader and Brooks; great minds think alike.
  4. You must be killing it in the markets...right?
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  5. padutrader


    so you can read a book for13years and kill it.......

    it is a book filled with a thousand strategies

    ever tried trading a 1000 strategies at the same time

    yep got killed....:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    thanks for those links.......i just wanted to know if anyone else trusted him.....

    i believe the book is a Bible......but it is far from easy to live like the Bible tells you should

    you are right about H2 AND L2.

    forgive me

    i have been studying it for 13 i know the diamond that i hold in my hand
  7. padutrader


    i was wondering if anybody else is using brooks apart from the trollers who roam ET country
  8. Assuming for the moment that this is so, do you believe this to be a good thing?
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    The Day Traders Bible was written by Wyckoff in 1919.
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    So you have been reading and studying this book for 13 years and you can't manage to make a profit from what you learned from it.

    You have been reading this book for 13 years yet there are things like a failed test you still can't quite get your head around/understand.

    It sounds like you have an unhealthy obsession with Brooks for some reason and it sounds like it is time to move on.

    If you didn't manage to find your edge or your success from his stuff in the past 13 years, it is extremely unlikely that will change in the next 13 years.

    So unless you want to waste even more of your life, i suggest to move on and probably even get away from trading all together and enjoy your retirement instead of hunting some dream that you already have wasted decades on.
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