Al Brooks books vs trading course

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  1. I am planning to learn about Al Brooks' trading methods. I noticed that he has published three books and also offers a trading course. Should I read the books, or should I do the trading course? If both, which one should I start with?
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    Spooz Top 2

    Skip the books... go right to the course! If you really want to comprehend PA... it’s hands down the best source for the serious trader bar none!
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  5. You can read the books but course may be more better to join and learn Forex.
  6. read the books
  7. I have bought his course but only managed to work through 25%, (I am still learning from it), but I find the best thing for me is his live trading room.
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    Just start fro the course and try demo trading and you will do fine.
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    Can you read Greek upside down and backwards without the aid of mirrors? If so, the books can be recommended. If there is any justice, the English teacher who let Brooks out of the ninth grade should be now be burning in the fires of hell.
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    I bought both.
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