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  1. I have tried the 2-day free trial. Is anyone here who is a paying member? I liked what I see thus far but their website is very confusing. I feel like I am down in the rabbit hole. (I tried to find the September schedule no avail, but I know tomorrow is off, Friday is on.)
    For the skeptics, Al trades live (he never discloses size). I am thinking of joining up next week for a prorated month. The whole month is $99 for 16-days of webinars.
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    I tried it for a month. I found it useless for me. All he does is comment on what we all are seeing.
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  3. Do you have his video course? Have you studies it?
  4. Hello HomelyWizzard,

    Think like a businessman and answer the questions below very honestly. Think about your time and how you value your time. Think about the 8 hours you are about to invest every day for 5 days (40 hours a day) and cost of $99 per month.

    A few questions please:

    1. What do you hope to gain from the trade room? Better understanding of the video course? See actual live trades of the video course?

    1a. Does the trade show illustrate in detail pre planned trades and post trades? For example, does Al states entry, stop loss, profit target, and trade management of each trade setup he mentioned in the webinar?

    2. Does Al show his live PnL for his trade live?

    3. For his live trades, does he state entry, stop loss, and trade management?

    4. Does Al review his trades after the market close with actual trades?

    5. Does Al allow members to ask questions about the trade day after market close to discuss trades or confusion or market context?

    6. Does Al show a spreadsheet of trades?

    7. Does Al members state how well they are doing trading Al Brooks methods?

    8. If Al is not trading sim or live in this trading room, AND he is not calling out trades with entry, stop loss and trade management, then how can you measure and justify spending $99 per month and using 8 hours of your time per day in this trading room?

    9. After 1 month, how will YOU measure and statistically prove to yourself that $99 was well spent and you will spend another $99 the next month?

    I ask all the questions because, you have to believe in the educational process you are taking, or you can misuse time paying $99 per month for something that will provide you False belief and hope. And most importantly of them all, no statistically edge proven within after 8 hours days and spending $99 per month.

    Ideally, and what makes sense to me is if I am running a trading room, I do not want to waste people time watching me talk about the market all day and not taking trades (Sim or Live) and tracking those trades in a spreadsheet so that my members can have some confidence I am not just talking and selling. What I am saying, actually make sense.
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  5. Yes, but I found the live trading room is better. It reinforces me to do the course but I learn more from real-life examples. Al is very good in the room. I am only 25% done with the course but I am not completely novice either.

    As to the Simple skeptic, Al only trades the best setups and he always announces if he is flat or long/short. Asking P/L is ludicrous (IMHO) so I won't even go there.
    Al is very big on trade management! He announces stops, type of entries (limit/stop).
    I am not selling or promoting him! I know he is not for everybody. I know people think he is trying to make a buck on everything. That much is true...
    If you do not think it is a value. DON'T DO IT!
    I am not even a bonafide futures trader but it is immense value to see the market unfolds with Al's expert eyes. [I mostly trade stocks/options and occasionally scalp futures.]
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    @SimpleMeLike , Oh boy, you really are a tough cookie! :D
    Excellent questions, every trader should ask them before joining any training program.
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  7. HomelyWizzard,

    I am just trying to help you buddy.

    I am not against Al Brooks and I have no opinion on his trading room, I actually invested my money in his video course and I studied it.

    However, I am trying to get You to understand how the trading room will benefit you since you said you might be going in the rabbit hole.

    Anyone can be good in a trading room HomelyWizzard by saying if they are long, short or flat, but how will that justify and measure that 8 hours in the trading room and $99 per month will improve your trading overall.

    Do you plan to track those trades he call out in a spreadsheet? What is your goal of the trading room? How do you know there is not another trading room for sale, that can improve your trading overall?

    Just give it some thought and have a plan for what you are doing.
  8. My goal is to expand my knowledge of price action trading. The video is excellent but I find the trading room like a good addition. Yes, in a perfect world, it should be free/part of the course, but it is not. We live in an imperfect world. There are lots of trading rooms none with Al's experience and a keen sense of the market based on charts, and decades of watching it.
    I am not happy with the website(s) in terms of user-friendliness and usability but that has nothing to add or subtract from the Trading Room. The only thing that might stop me from paying is the fact that I am not a real futures trader. The nice thing is paying goes month to month with Paypal, I can stop it anytime. No risk to me I am not giving a credit card.
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    The waste of your time is a bigger factor that the waste of your $99.

    The problem with trading coaches is that there is no type of certification or regulation.

    If somebody tells me that they've spent 30 years trading and they're still pitching crap on a website, there's a problem somewhere.
  10. i have mever been allowed to join a trading room! i usually get kicked out early during the free trial for dominating the safe space and actually trading not just trying to follow the leader who is so worried about paying customers they lose sight of the trades
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