Abusive threads bordering on Slander

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  1. Wait....which part was untrue then haha
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  2. He complained about liberals and politics forum so figured he was vagging over attacks on politicians. Personal attacks on a forum dont fall under any definition. he said lawsuits from 3rd parties....so who else.
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  3. Looks like Smalldik's posts were deleted...
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    One more thing, there is a button at the bottom of every post that says Report. You can use this button to let a moderator know you find the post contents offensive. I know the thread you're talking about. At the very least, the thread title should be changed. It's pretty ridiculous.
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  5. Link
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    I think they removed the thread already. It was there for the longest.
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    Look below. He posted the link. Thread I think is gone!
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    marketsurfer in his own-mind.
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    Information posted on public internet forum is protected under Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Expression in the Constitution in whatever country. Anybody who's foolish enough to try to bring a slander or libel lawsuits is wasting their money and their time and their energy for nothing. And they will lose for sure.
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