2021: Pictures Of Your Trading Stations

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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to update this thread topic. Technology has changed a lot over the years and there are some pretty nice monitors and computers available.

    I am looking to update my Trading setup. I’m not too knowledgeable on the latest and greatest technology for monitors or computers and hoping to get several people showing their setup so I can get some ideas.

    I love seeing a nice setup. Multiple monitors, nice computer setup and even any additional technology that helps your Trading.

    Let’s see those 2021 Trading Rig Setups!

    Thank you!
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  2. A typical ET'r at his trading station.

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  3. That was your typical ET'er 20 years ago, young and naive about the markets, after 20 years of trading we now look more like this guy:

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    In the next, 50 ~ years, when Neuralink kicks in all force, we will remember these machines -
    (,,funny'' how distant science movies, are still usin fingers/voice as output & eyes/ears as input for information. Ain't gonna last)

    Imagine your workspace being in your head. Closing eyes in coffee shop, to adjust that algo.
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    Headless linux mint box for algo trading at the corner of my working desk. Usually I just ssh into this when i pull code changes.

    But still, I have to connect my monitor once a week to reset my IB gateway.

    Not shifting to cloud at the moment because there's memory leak in IB gateway that can go up to 4GB a week. Unsure why but not figuring it out since it's not affecting my pnl.
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  8. My girlfriend snuck a pic while i was putting together my rig..

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  9. How do you tell if it reboots and doesn't come back up?
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    I have daily Gmail updates. If it doesn't, I will SSH in to check. Or look at the mounted drive from the mint box on my laptop.
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