Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is dead

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by The Kin2, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. It;s true. Our friend Z10 has died. :-(
  2. You know this, how exactly?
  3. He's disappered from this forum and all the other forums he uses this alias. Other forums have gotten reports that he may be unable to post.
  4. hcour

    hcour Guest

    You shouldn't post something like this unless you're absolutely, positively sure about it. Very, very uncool.

  5. Sure, but that could mean anything.
    Like severe finger arthritus or similiar, it doesnt mean a whole lot by itself.
    Does it?
  6. Didn't seem dead to me when we were trying to figure out the entry levels in C or Wamu.

    Trader5287 (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:14 PM)
    the Goldman downgrade may take another day to play out

    ZZZzzzzzzz (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:18 PM)

    Trader5287 (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:21 PM)
    they hate C today

    1Reason (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:26 PM)
    i will tell you in 30 mins if i am glad also.....LOL

    ZZZzzzzzzz (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:31 PM)
    somewhere close to 16 on WM seems attractive

    ZZZzzzzzzz (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:40 PM)
    it is down about 8% today

    Trader5287 (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:41 PM)

    ZZZzzzzzzz (Nov 19, 2007 1:28:52 PM)
    at those levels, unless they cut the dividend, it is a fat dividend play