ZZZzzzzzzz is abusing Chit Chat

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Mar 3, 2006.

ZZZzzzzzzz is abusing Chit Chat

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  1. saxon


    ...by flooding it with cut-and-pastes from leftist rags.

    Is this what CC is suppose to be about? A dumping ground for the latest anti-WHATEVER headline??

    It serves no useful purpose for EliteTrader to become a mirror site for the Socialist Workers Daily...or any other publication, left or right.

  2. Does ZZZzzzzzzz know how to trade? Maybe he thinks he's on another site like a ghost who doesn't know he's dead.

    Hey ZZZzzzzzzz you're DEAD!
  3. Ricter


  4. Z10 bashing thread #257. How original. Whiny conservatives need NANNY MODERATORS to protect them when they lose just about every debate.
  5. I agree, mostly-if you wanted a news story, well you can read the official propaganda.
    If you wanted to comment about a news story, wouldnt a link or a mention of the topic matter suffice?
    But thats not what is occuring, scarcely so much as a comment on the subject matter from z-and god forbid, someone post a similiar thread, hes not prepared to comment, unless its HIS thread.
    Elite troll..........
  6. It's getting so bad, he doesn't even comment about faith anymore!
  7. ZZZ is a lonely internet troll who's only purpose is to annoy other people.

    Sadly, Baron loves that ZZZ starts 12 worthless new threads everyday because it adds to ET's "thread count".

    (Total Threads: 59,405 | Total Posts: 937,344 as of right now)
  8. Let's get a rope and hang em!

    We shouldn't haveta tolerate such vermin.


  9. You really shouldnt talk about baron like that, you know, he started this site an' all......:)
  10. Hey sax.

    Feeling the love again I see...


    This one's for you:

    <img src=http://www.columbia.edu/cu/humanrights/filmseries/2004/fs-denial-bt.gif>

    #10     Mar 4, 2006