Zynga worth nearly $9,000,000,000 HAHAH

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    Another joke, they publish games on facebook, worth $9 Billion dolllars, WTF!!! So lets see they make their money by selling virtual goods within their game and hmmmmmmmmmm advertising, yep thats about it.

    Lets see facebook growth is peaking out which means along with their growth peaking out zyngas growth will be peaking sometime in the next 12-24 months, so in reality this company will be lucky to even be worth over a Billion in the next 3-5 years. Growth is peaking in facebook and zynga....its a bit late to get into these names.

    Zynga IPO Prices at $10 a Share, Top of Range
    CNBC.com | December 15, 2011 | 05:37 PM EST

    The Zynga initial public offering priced at $10 per share on Thursday, the top of its expected range.

    Analysts had expected the stock to price between $8.50 and $10 a share.

    The company, which publishes games on Facebook such as "FarmVille" and "CityVille", sold 100 million shares raising $1 billion, a source close to the process told the International Finance Review, which is owned by Thomson Reuters.

    At $1 billion, Zynga's IPO would be the largest initial offering from an Internet company since Google [ GOOG 619.54 +1.47 (+0.24%) ] raised $1.7 billion in 2004.

    Based on a fully diluted share count of 890 million shares, the IPO values Zynga at $8.9 billion. Zynga is selling about 11 percent of diluted shares in the offering.

    Underwriters on the deal were led by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

    Shares are expected to begin trading on Friday.

    This came after the initial public offering of fashion-design company Michael Kors [ KOR + (+0.00%) ] on Thursday.
  2. Hum, strong sell ? :confused:
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    Worth every penny!

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  4. You guys that bad mouth companies like Zynga saying they are selling virtual goods and are therefore worth nothing are seriously brain dead and don't understand the industry at all. That would be equivalent to calling the entire gaming industry from the wii, to xbox, to computer games calling the entire ~100 billion dollar industry useless because it is all virtual goods. I guess in the case of xbox and wii you do get a disc in return for your $60, but other then that it is all virtual.
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    Like all the financial firms :)
  6. the $ is also virtual so why not?
  7. Yeah it's a bubble but not so much because of the "virtual" aspect but more because of the attrition. More people are getting bored with it than there are new subscribers and this is slowly increasing. It will be a strong sell about a year from now, or less.
  8. Down around .90, or 9% now. "Or less" is it, it would seem...
  9. yeah, these valuations always say to me that dollar is worth about 1 cent in reality.

    hope they go bankrupt.