Zweig Indicators

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  1. Anyone know where I can find Martin Zweig's indicators calculated? I looked around on the web but couldn't even find Zweig's home page. Does he have one?

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  3. Yeah, I looked at a chart of his funds. They don't seem to be doing so hot. I'm reading his book for the Nth time and figured I could get more out of it if I related the examples to current information.
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    you think you can do better than the indicator creator :confused:
  5. No, not at all.

    As I said, I'm reading his book and trying to learn from it. The first few times I read it I thought it was interesting, but nothing I might use. Now I'm reading it and wondering if there is anything I can apply directly to my trading. I'm pretty good at trading individual stocks, but I could get better returns if I was more in harmony with the broader market. I'm wondering if his indicators can help me identify major turning points better.
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  7. I myself use a 10-day Simple Moving Ave (SMA) and a 75-day SMA, on the S&P 500 and also S&P Smallcap Index, to help identify overall market trend. This is VERY effective, and I also will bring up a 10-50-75 combo when that particular week is a little choppy, to see if the indexes are finding support on the 50 SMA.

    Anyway, works for me

    see ya