Zurich, Switzerland

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  1. Any traders in this area?
  2. syspool


    I swing trade currency pairs with own funds. What's your intention with a Zürich contact? Like to hook up. PM me.

  3. ITR2744


    I'm a private retail trader (NQ, ES and 6E) from Zurich...
    PM please for further information.

  4. euthanasia legal in swissyland. lose money can go and off urself legally
  5. JamesJ


    private retail trader in zurich as well (fdax, fsmi, es, stocks eu and us)
  6. I don't know if this would be an appropriate post but I have always wondered how life is in Switzerland.

    I imagine it to be a nice clean safe place mostly devoid of problems. Can any of you living there give me a short description of how life is in Switzerland?
  7. It's hard to compare,but indeed, it is very clean (but depends what you gauge as clean, I mean Laguna Beach, CA is also immaculate IMHO..), beautiful transportation system, ...

    Have a look here:

  8. ITR2744


    Dear Swiss traders,

    unfortunately we didn't manage to meet this year. Nevertheless I'm still interested in bringing together some ET traders from Switzerland. It would be great to have a little appointment in 2009 for a beer etc.

    Therefore it would be nice if

    all traders from Switzerland could write in this thread so we get an idea of how many fulltime private retail traders we are.

    From the beginning of this thread we got about 3 traders but I'm sure there are some more...


  9. Hittfeld


    I don`t know, if I should be counted as well: Living and trading in TG, but from that biiiig Kanton - unfortunately. And then I always have to explain, that I (unfortunately again) only can communikate (re SPEAK) written language. Always good for catching attention.


  10. ZH8050


    Hi everybody

    I always wondered whether there would be retail traders here in Switzerland. Seems to be the case.
    I would definitely be interested in an exchange of experience. Mainly trading ES, rarely TF.

    How about a meeting in Zurich?

    Cheers, A.
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