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  1. FX245


    Fellow auto-traders,

    Looks like fx-auto & C2 have a new auto-trading competitor: www.zulutrade.com

    I have just discovered Zulutrade (on http://www.fx-review.com ) and created a first demo account.

    Very first impressions:
    - looks very cool - great website
    - the autotrading platform is also web-based, and integrated in the website.
    - very new service (I have accountnr 373), with only a handful of profitable signals (6 out of a total of 23)
    - they live from the brokers' rebate and split that with the signal providers, so no extra pip spread (like fx-auto) or monthly fees (like C2)
    - their forum ( was created last week - they now have 339 registered users (who signed mostly for a demo account I guess).
    - Zulutrade was founded in 2006 by Leon Yohai and Kostas Eleftheriou, 2 greek entrepreneurs living now in the US.
    - 3 supported brokers : FXCM (http://www.fxcm.com) , Man Financial (http://www.manfinancial.com) & CMS Forex (http://www.cmsfx.com)

    Have you tried them out?
    Any experiences you can share?
    What's your take on Zulutrade?
    When will you be prepared to put real money in their system?
  2. zdreg


    please explain the zulu trade and what u like or dislike about it.
  3. FX245


    Hi zdreg,

    if you check out the website of zulutrade, you will know as much as I do for the moment ... :cool:
    I'll report when my demo accounts starts moving ...

  4. auslanco


    Hmmm.... Interesting. I like the fact that they service multipule brokers. But they defenitly need better signal providers.

    P:S - Thanks for sharing this info FX245. You are a true warrior:) I dont know how FX-Auto will feel about you giving all these info on their forum. lol.
  5. FX245


    Dear auslanco,

    Thanks for the compliments :cool: and your ongoing input & support.

    I don't think FX-auto will have any problems with this - anyway, today fx-auto's collection of signal providers is way superior ... a bit of competition is always good for everyone - it's never good to be alone in a market ... the sole existence of Zultrader proves the importance and business opportunity of fx-auto. I have the strong feeling we are witnessing the start & development of a very important new business niche and very innovative way to invest in the lucrative fx-markets for normal people (i.e. not real traders) like me... (no offence :D )
  6. FX245


    have a look at the open positions in my demo account - i love the color coding ...
  7. FX245


  8. FX245


    first 4 trades closed in my zuludemo - see screenshot attached...

    the system is quite user friendly and fast.
  9. FX245


    and the attachment. ..
  10. FX245


    my current demo trade history after 2 days on Zulutrade .. see attached. equity started with $ 50.000 - now $ 49.847 - 15 closed trades, 1 loser, 14 winners +530 pips - I'm auto-trading Targus50 & MalibutFX on all pairs (and completely overleveraged according to the wizard (only a color indication, so have no more details here)) - 18 open positions, - 583 pips.
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