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    I have thoroughly tested Zulutrade with half a dozen demos and the results are ok after I made some costly (demo-) errors. Before jumping in with real money I would appreciate comments from Zulu users as to how satisfied they are. Especially how reliable the systems work and how much profits are possible with good, non-risky providers.

    I will gladly share my approach, my (demo-) experiences and my provider selection criteria and what I have learned so far with other users.

    Thanks, regards, Felix
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    Which systems do you recommend from zulurtrade?
  3. zulutrade is no more or less useful than any other useless set of curve-fitted trading systems...
  4. when you look at the zulu leader board, click on the traders. you can then see their histroy of other usernames theyve used. most of the leader were leaders in the past until their systmes blew up. then they create a new username and start again. Ha!

    The equity curve for most of them looks like a steep line up, and then a straight line to zero! Most are trend followers with no stop - so guess what happnes when the trend ends>
  5. The leader board...

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    If you want to be successful with Zulu, you need to know forex trading and be successful at it without Zulu. Zulu is just a tool and not a money making machine. As any good tool it is as good as the knowledge to use it. So one has to know forex trading and then learn how to use Zulu as a tool.

    With your knowledge about forex trading look at each provider. How consistent is he, how careless does he place orders, how carefully does he watch his trades? Your profits are dependent on him, but you still have to watch his and therefore your trades. Without knowing forex trading, you are lost; learn forex trading first and then trade with Zulu (the tool).

    When choosing providers look at their Win% rate (>95%), the max DD in % (<50%) and the DD in pips (<300 pips). They should have traded in Zulu for at least 8 weeks. Then look at the past at least 80 trades and watch out for the highs and lows of the trades. The lows should not exceed 50 pips, with perhaps one in 50 up to 100 pips. Further check, whether he has been trading every day, so you know he watches his trades. Look at the open positions. If there are any older than 2 days could mean that your capital might be bound in often only "big hopes" instead of working for you. Check the trend of the open positions with your own charts (Metatrader for instance).

    Spread the risks. Choose as many providers as possible, up to 100. Choose one trade and one lot per provider only. With the $ 50'000 starting capital your max. lots should be 15. Once you have made profits, increase the number of max. lots by 5 for every additional $ 10'000 in capital. In the demo one can only use Standard lots (of ($) 100'000, with 1% margin). In the live version one can set mini or micro lots.

    When trading live, choose mini or micro depending on your capital and increase the max. lots accordingly. The more providers you trade with, the better the risk distribution. It's better to trade 100 mini lots (one per provider) than 10 standard lots.

    Should you trade with a large amount of capital, use several brokers. There are sometimes problems in the signals transmission from provider to Zulu to the broker.

    Use demos until you have made an average of 250 pips per day for one full month. This amounts to about $ 50'000 profit. Once you have reached this target, you are pretty safe to trade live and be successful at it.

    Happy trading, Felix
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  7. about the only thing true with this assessment, is that it is written in English, and is the path that most newbie paper-traders would follow.

    Oh,and most of the words seem to be spelled correctly.

    Otherwise, stay away from Zulutrade and its ilk...
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    I totally disagree with you traderjones...in this sense, one should stay away from FOREX also, and betting and gambling etc.
    Everything has a risk to win or loose big. Thats why you should risk only money you can afford to loose.
    As for zulutrade, as i said in another section of this forum, with the right research, you can find some decent providers, but dont expect big results...
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    IMO either you make big bucks or you'll lose them all with Zulutrade.

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    Well thats not entirely true. I think it depends on which signal provider you choose. The difference that zulutrade makes from other FOREX trading platforms is that they promote the "autotrading" concept. So in a way you are depended on anothers performance and market knowledge, whatever risk this may have...
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