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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by MillieJ, May 29, 2012.

  1. MillieJ


    Hello to all the zulutrade followers/traders in this forum.

    I open this thread to discuss the traders - strategies, lots and numbr of open trader to follow with and any relevant info.

    Please contribute! :D

    Thank you,
  2. wrbtrader


    What's wrong with Zulutrade own forum ???

    It's very active and has the discussions that you've mentioned.

    You banned from their discussion forum or something like that ???
  3. MillieJ


    of course not, still there and a pretty active reader :D
    i was just thinking i might find other fellow followers along and in this forum as well.

    Guys, no need for attacking, if you are not interested, simply do not post. :cool:
  4. wrbtrader


    No attacking...simple questions because its very common for someone to "not know" there's a very active forum for Zulutrade in comparison to the sparse comments here at Elitetrader.com by Zulu users. Also, its very common for someone to be banned from another forum and then come to ET to continue whatever discussion they were banned about from the other forum.

    Regardless, if you're really interested in finding others here at ET...just use ET search and type in Zulutrade. Any member that mentioned Zulutrade...send that member a private message and tell them about the this thread and ask them to participate if they're interested.


    If they're not interested...they obviously won't participate. Yet, hopefully, you'll get good discussions. :cool:
  5. MillieJ


    thanks for the tip!!!

    I was not sure that PMging can ever be an option, i tend to avoid it since can be considered as spamming. But i will do that and hopefully we can get good discussion running around here as well.
  6. Hello there , i do have an account at zulutrade , are you a follower or provider? How's the trading going on with the Greek elections at the horizon?
  7. MillieJ


    Yes, I have a real account....only worth following at the moment:
    tradeguru and timeisnow, imo.
  8. I'm following BigTen4EX for the past weeks , he seems ok and profitable , Tradeguru is also a good one , though made a small mistake on friday he did close the trades with a loss and didnt leave them open with a drawdown and i do respect that kind of responsible trading.
  9. MillieJ


    He does look nice!:))
    thank you for the kind suggestion...i was wuite puzzled who to start following. Its a turbulent week afterall.:eek:
  10. Yes the times are very dangerous for trading but the situation in Greece is looking to resolve this week so i hope that by the end of the week we will make some money.
    #10     Jun 19, 2012