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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Humpy, Sep 27, 2012.

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    My "first impression" of ZuluTrade is that they are too inexperienced still, or perhaps somewhat incompetent. This is based on the responses I've seen to questions in their forum.

    I'm not saying they are necessarily a bad provider, but I don't feel confident with the way that they are communicating in their public forum and therefore will not risk any funds with them at this time.

    All new service providers are going to have hiccups when they try to execute. I believe ZuluTrade is new enough to still be in this stage. Tradency, on the other hand, has been around since at least Oct. 2005 (from what I can tell) and is at least further along in perfecting their execution (assumption).


    Zulu is still going and may well have improved since this post in another thread from 2007.
    Has anyone any useful points to make about zulu ? It looks too good to be true.
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  2. Well i frankly dont know how zulutrade was back in 2007 to make comparisons with now , but i do know that they constantly are trying to improve things related to investors. Take the latest rules for example where signal providers would get their commisions only if their month is profitable. As for the signal providers themselves there were always some risky players who would eventually destroy accounts , so an investor should be carefull from the start whom he will choose as his personal trader , statistics and the performance page is your friend. Myself i do frequently use the advanced search to find good traders as there are more than 17.000 of them available and you cant see everybody on the frontpage. Also the leverage part is very crucial , i've seen many investors who thought that by overleveraging their accounts they could make millions in few weeks...well that approach is very dangerous and could become fatal for equity accounts in seconds.

    Tl;dr : Do your risk managment + select traders carefully and you have good chances to profit from zulutrade.
  3. MillieJ


    Well, concerning the forum i have noticed many times that users either put some comments either too general that requires specially like account numbers and lots - info that cant be published so easily (at least i would have a problem with that in their shoes) . if you talk to the support, well then it is another story - they have all the answers 24/7 :D

    i can tell you and swear on whatever you guys wish, i am constantly making profit with zulutrade and as soon as it continues i have no reason to change it.

    i can say that i did open an account with tradency, and etoro and collective2 - when i was checking all the platforms and posibilities to trade and can say that there is a reson i am sticking to zulutrade - and is only PROFITABILITY.from the others all i saw was losses.
  4. Humpy


    which ones do you use and why ?
  5. cornix


    I have SP account there, overall there's not too ugly slippage (I heard of execution issues), but many brokers are poor quality, offering wide spread and restrictions on orders placement, which makes providing day trading signals with tight stops/quick position management there not easy to say the least.

    That's my experience as SP. From user's perspective, I think there are OK signal providers on Zulutrade, but one better pick them carefully, avoid the average down kinds of systems with suspiciously high win rate and focus on someone with realistic parameters. Chance of drama will be much lower then.
  6. peleus


    How about slippage these days guys, is there a brand new approach out that has been proven to work yet? [​IMG]