Zug, Switzerland

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  1. That's fine. I simply do not understand why anyone would insult a culture with that horrid Disney Castle. I don't believe that was your intended. I think you believed it was actually a Zug landmark.

    Please visit and become more informed. America is NOT the center of the Universe.

    This is not a member of the Schweizerischer Bundesrat [​IMG]
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    Yeah Don will be there with his kids. I'll get caught up on the latest in pairs trading.
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    I have been to Zug, and you'd need a million at least to settle and make a go of it. Maybe more. Stay in vegas, it is cheaper.
    The swiss even charge to drive into their country for a day. I took a 2 day car trip from Lux to Zug and back.
    The swiss do not like poor people and they especially dislike anyone who likes or otherwise shows off Disney!
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    Lived there for two years - up above in the Aegerital. Wonderful. Moved for better skiing - its a little limited around Zug.
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  6. That fairytale castle is actually spot on. Switzerland does look like Disneyland with it's manicured public lawns and it's cute little houses and spotless streets. It's Mickey Mouse taxes and Donald Duck crime rate are good reasons to move there.
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  7. "Not only is there no God, but try finding a plumber on Sunday"

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  8. Switzerland is a truly beautiful country.

    But a young rich trader would have more fun almost anywhere else in Europe.
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