Zug, Switzerland

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  1. Zug trading company logo.

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  2. If you Google: zug, Coney Island you get a neat pic of the Cyclone......
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  3. Typical rude response. The first three pictures from the google link you posted is of the ISOL, 3 boaters, and the Disney-Paris photograph. Please look at your posted link and you will see. Why is it so difficult for Americans to admit their handicap with geography? How could anyone think that monstosity is a Zug landmark??

    Please visit, but don't plan a long stay.
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    Another error. Apparently Marc Rich's trading firm, Glencor, is based in Baar, which is next door to Zug.
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    It's the 3rd pic on the link. What the hell does that have to do with geography. And if you want to get rude, I could bring up Switzerland's notorious relationship with helping the Nazi's raid gold out of Jewish bank accounts. But why go there right?
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  6. It's the third picture, yes indeed. But you stated you chose the first three pictures in that link. Geography, well, anyone with a brain in their head would know that's Paris and not Switzerland.

    If I want to get rude? How would a Swiss-Nazi connection help my cause? You don't make any sense.
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    You took a shot at Americans. I took a shot at you. I rather be known for being a country with poor geography then a country that stole gold from Jewish bank accounts during the war. Were your parents a part of that. You know what, don't answer that. Let the thread return on topic. Do you have the self control to do that?
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  8. oh man, now you're definitely not allowed to visit
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    Nope. On to France now.
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  10. you can prolly meet traders at disneyland too, it's cool :)
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